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Wu Ting
Do you know more information about “McFarland letter”? “I know that you were in Mexico,” he said. “We have this information. You worked for a painter in Mexico City, a very well-known Red. I can’t recall his name, but it’s in the files. I came here today to question you about this. In all of this mess, this kind of weather, in North Carolina. I don’t even have chains on the tires.” He sighed. “To question me about working for a painter in Mexico?” “That’s about the extent of it. You could deny it, most of them deny. To begin with. But I’ll be honest with you, it doesn’t usually help.” “Why would I deny it?” “This information alone is reason for dismissing you from your government post. That’s what happens now, if you choose not to deny the associations. In time there may be more. I think you’re probably going to get a McFarland letter.” “Who is McFarland?” “McFarland is nobody. But this letter is bad news, it would contain the actual charges. "Do you know more information about “McFarland letter”? Thanks! And this excerpt is taken from The Lacuna by Kingsolver.
May 29, 2015 1:12 AM
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A "McFarland letter" isn't a general term that I am aware of. I think it's specific to the use in this book, and he could have said "a letter from McFarland" instead. That is why the other character asks immediately, "Who is McFarland?"
May 31, 2015
Wu Ting
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