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To have a big head ??? (to have a ) big head.. According to the english dictionary this phrase is used to refer to someone arrogant.. Why is that? Why is someone who has a big head considered to be arrogant? That doesn't make any sense to me..Do you happen to know of any funny story that is related to this phrase..That would help me understand this phrase better,if you let me know... Thank you...
29. Mai 2015 02:09
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Also be aware that in some contexts this can have sexual connotations.
29. Mai 2015
I don't know why we say 'big head', but it is a common idiom. And it does not mean some REALLY has a big head (in size). It just means someone is very arrogant. You might say, maybe in a work environment, 'His head is so big he won't fit through the door', to describe a very arrogant colleague. We have another expression 'big wig'. This describes important people within a company, such as top management. I believe this expression comes from very long ago when the elite of Europe wore tall wigs. Hope this helps. :)
29. Mai 2015
Someone who is arrogant thinks they are better, smarter, etc. than other people. All of this is inside their head, and they think this more than other people, so their head must be bigger to fit their ego. Thus, they have a big head. I hope this helps. :)
29. Mai 2015
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