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André Almeida
Name of Document Could you check my sentences? Suppose that a documet is called of Abc and it comes to a document of test of anything. Please analyze if it is correct gramatically and which ones it sounds better for a native English speaker? Examples of sentences: 1. I'm going to update the document Abc. 2. I'm going to update the document of test Abc. 3. I'm going to update the test document. 4. I'm going to update the Abc test. 5. I'm going to update the Abc. What's the diferrence between "in" and "on" for these sentences? I've done a updating in the document. I've done a updating on the document.
May 29, 2015 3:14 AM
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Number 3 and 4 are gramatically correct. In these circumstances you must put the subject at the end of the sentence. For the second question you have the present perfect simple correctly and you would use 'on', it would read like this: I've done and update on the document. Hope this helps
May 29, 2015
André Almeida
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