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Would you help me how to read this article? Would you help me how to read this article? The Key Nikkei average rose for a 10th consective trading day, the longest winning streak in about 27years, to rewrite its 15-year closing high for the seventh straight session on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Thursday, inspired by higher overseas equities and the yen's wekaness. I don't understand meanings of "to" in "to rewrite its 15-year..." What does "to" mean in this setence? Thanks in advance!
2015년 5월 29일 오전 6:26
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It's bad style in my opinion because the only possible meaning of "to" would be purpose i.e. "in order to", and that's not really the meaning here. It would be better to have written "re-writing", instead of "to re-write". The -ing form is the correct verb form for a simple adverbial clause. However, I think I may have seen this style before in financial market analyses.
2015년 5월 29일
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