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About "de facto" and " de jure " What's the difference between " de facto " and " actually " ? How about " in reality" or " in fact " ? And the word " de jure ", what's the difference between " de facto " and " de jure " ? Are they French or Latin word? Totally have no clue about the situation they should be used properly. The original use: " Composite Applications are becoming the de facto programming model in the industry both in IT and consumer oriented applications. " Thx
29 мая 2015 г., 14:41
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de facto means in fact - usually it just happens. In your example, Composite Applications became the model because of widespread use, not because of any rules or regulation. de jure means in law - there are laws regulating the activity, although the laws may or may not be enforced. I believe they are both from Latin
29 мая 2015 г.
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