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What does 卩 mean? I have learnt that this radical means kneeling man and 'seal'. My question is, what type of seal. Does it mean seal the animal or sealing a letter or something else?
29 mag 2015 15:19
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It is more like a stamp but always made of jade or stone. And at botom of it, there is the name engraved of the owner or some simple words. When they need to sign their name, they use it instead. And it is a symbol of high class in ancient China. And in ancient China, the stamp of emperor called"玉玺(yu4xi3)", and other people's stamp called 印yin4/印章. you may refer to some pictures by the website below.
30 maggio 2015
learning so called "radicals" you are wasting your time because this symbol => 卩 doesn't have its own meaning and you can't make a sentences using 卩 as a word "seal" (for sealing letters)... currently you are learning the history, not the language... and the knowledge of history won't help you memorize such words as 破唇海鲫... you can save the ocean of time by memorizing words for HSK-6 and passing it asap, in three or four years
4 giugno 2015
Hi, I've majored in Chinese. The "seal" doesn't mean to seal something, it's more like classical Chinese,"符", it like a token and is made by jade.
29 maggio 2015
i dont know. I even dont know it means kneeling man and seal....
29 maggio 2015
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