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Ruby Chen
What time? / When? .....How to use them correctly? What's the difference between them? Such as... ------------------------------------------------------------- What time will you serve the meal? When is the meal serving time? What is the check-in time? What time is check-in? When could I leaving? What time could I leaving? -------------------------------------------------------------- Is that right above sentences?
May 29, 2015 7:20 PM
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If you ask "What time...", you are expecting an answer with a specific time, such as 2:30 PM. If you ask "When is...", the answer could be more general, such as "early in the morning", "late in the afternoon"... The four first sentences are correct, although I would prefer to ask: "What time is..." The last two sentences are not correct. A better way to ask those questions would be: "When could I leave?" and "What time can I leave?"
May 30, 2015
If the train arrives today you can ask 1)"When will the train arrive?" Or 2)"At what time will the train arrive?" But if the train will come after a day or so then you should ask question number 2 only. Then ask further about the time.
May 29, 2015
Ruby Chen
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