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Can someone translate this please? Hi, I was wondering if anybody could translate this? I tried myself but I'm not that good yet(my gf is teaching me). Thank you! "alam mu va yung feeling na nakakaasar na yng maraming EPAL they always try to ruin my life pwd vah tantanan nio na aqo wg nman aqo yung lge niong nkkita mghanap kayo ng inyo kc ang kay (her name) ay kay (her name) lng nd pwdng mging inyo anu sa facebook lng kayo magaling at palaban bkt hnd nio ako personal na kausapin parA nman matuwa ako at masasabi ko sa pgmumuka nio na P*T**G *** Mo"
May 29, 2015 7:57 PM
Answers · 3
Do you know the feeling that is frustrating when there are a lot of 'EPAL' (I have never heard of this term before). They always try to ruin my life, can you leave me alone and stop picking on me. Can you find someone else because (name) is for (name) only and is not allowed to be yours. So, you're only good at arguing on Facebook; why don't you talk to me in person so that I can laugh and say to your faces (swear words). That is ROUGHLY what that extract translates into. I paraphrased a little because they don't have a direct translation into English. As for the word 'EPAL', my best guess is that is meant to say 'kapal' (two-faced or arrogant people)
May 29, 2015
You know that feeling when you are pissed to those “EPAL”*, they always try to ruin my life. Can you leave me alone and why you always see me, find someone else, Kay is for Kay and cannot be yours. You are only good to have a fight here in facebook why don’t you talk to me personally so I would be happy and tell your face “F.U”. *slang words for those people have nothing to do with their lives That’s actually the gist of the message.
July 1, 2015
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