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My question about words that almost have the same meanings: (Preserve - keep safe - protect) (Torrent - flood - rushing stream) (Denounce - condemn) (Molest - disturb) (Unforeseen - unexpected - unanticipated) If I put any of the same words in the same sentence,will I be right? Please, I need some examples for clarification.
May 29, 2015 10:22 PM
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Preserve/Keep safe/Protect Generally, these words have a similar meaning (e.g. Let's protect/preserve the rainforest or Let's keep the rainforest safe). However, they differ based on the context you use them in. For example, while you can say "I want to keep my family safe/I want to protect my family", you cannot say "I want to preserve my family". 'Protect' or 'keep safe' means that you are defending a subject from an attack or harm, while the word 'preserve' generally means maintaining a subject's current state of existence. You can see how and why there can be an overlap with these words. Condemn/Denounce 'To condemn' is the same as 'to denounce'. Condemn is possibly a stronger word, but denounce usually involves a public statement. Molest/Disturb The word 'molest' is typically associated with sexual assault. Disturb means to interfere or to interrupt. Try and not to get these confused! Unforeseen/unexpected/unanticipated These all have the same meaning.
May 29, 2015
The short answer is: no, absolutely no. Synonyms are almost never interchangeable. For example, "molest" has a sexual implication, which "disturb" does not. Have a closer look (I mean, look in a dictionary!) and be aware of the extra meanings behind each word. Never, ever treat them as the same. That would guarantee mistakes.
May 29, 2015
'protect' and 'keep safe' are equivalent : ' This cream will protect you from being burnt in the sun '. ' This cream will keep you safe from being burnt in the sun '. ' The fence will protect the animals ' ' The fence will keep the animals safe ' ' Preserve ' means protect/keep safe from change : ' These records were preserved in the State Archive ' ' This treatment will preserve the wood and stop it deteriorating ' ' We will preserve this material and use it again next time ' A torrent [of water] is a rushing flood ; torrent implies rushing, moving fast, whereas a flood may be slow or not moving Denounce means to report or condemn someone for saying or doing something, either publicly, or to the authorities. Condemn also means cause to suffer, or cause to be punished, for example, in a court of law. ' The convicted man was condemned to death ' : he was to be executed. ' We were condemned to five months of constant noise from the building work next door ' ' They condemned him for it, even though most people thought that it was not his fault ' 'Molest' is more serious and sinister than 'disturb' : to molest someone is to cause serious disturbance to their person, physical or emotional. To molest a child implies a sexual motive. 'Disturb' is very general, and does not necessarily imply serious consequences; you can disturb someone at work by interrupting them, or disturb someone's sleep by waking them up. Unforeseen, unexpected, unanticipated are all equivalent. Unexpected is more often, and more generally, used; the other two are more appropriate for formal writing.
May 29, 2015
Synonyms exist for a reason; each different word will have a slightly different meaning or use. (Preserve - keep safe - protect) Preserve - means to keep the same. Something might be safe by keeping it the same but something might not be. Preserve a rain forest means to keep it the same (by not cutting down trees). You would not 'preserve' your family from fire (if you kept your family the same in the house, they would get burnt!). You also would not 'preserve' an old house from a storm; but you might 'preserve' an old dress in moth balls so it'll last for years. Keep Safe and Protect are very similar. However, because "keep safe" is a combination of words, some grammar work will be necessary to use it in the same place as Protect. "I will keep you safe," vs "I will protect you." "I will keep the children safe," vs "I will protect the children." Meanwhile you cannot use "keep safe" in some places like, "Block the punch, you need to protect your face." People will understand "Block the punch, you need to keep your face safe," but it would be awkward.
May 30, 2015
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