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为什么:“别老为操心以后的事情” ? 为什么:“别老为操心以后的事情” 而不是 ”别老操心为以后的事情“?In sense of grammar?
May 30, 2015 12:47 AM
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实际上这两个句子都不对。正确的语序应该是“别老为以后的事情操心”。 别 don't 老 always 为 for 以后的 future 事情 matters 操心 worry about 这个句子用了一个“为”字结构。它的基本构成形式是:为+object+verb. 所表示的含义是:do sth. for the object. There is often a shift of characters' order in specific structures. So the right order of the fundamental framework of your sentence given fitted in "为" structure should be "为+事情(object)+操心(worry)". Then add an adjective in front of the object and transform it into an imperative sentence then you'll get "别为以后的事情操心". The original order of this sentence without "为" structure should be "别老操心以后的事情".
May 30, 2015
the rignt grammar is别老为以后的事情操心
May 30, 2015
June 3, 2015
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