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How to improve listening and speaking skills -beginner level My listening and speaking skills in Italian need to be improved, but since I'm a beginner, working on TV and magazine materials is too difficult at my level. Do you have any ideas about practicing to be able to understand and speak basic Italian expressions and phrases? For example, I can make simple sentences, but when I hear the exact same expressions at a natural speed or when I am to speak sentences using my knowledge in Italian, it takes longer time. I am thinking it's better to hear and speak Italian a lot to familiarize myself, but it's hard to find good materials to fit my level.
May 30, 2015 4:17 AM
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Finding the right skills level on web and youtube sometimes it's a hard task. I suggest you to try the podcasts from this website with the free account you can get the first lessons of each level, and one lesson each week, and one new word (with sample sentences) each day. Even the first week you can get access to all lessons. I use it for studying Japanese. I have found also this site: I have checked some lessons, but the Italian pronunciation is horrible (to much English-Italian) The last possibility is to find someone to talk on skype, so she/he can check your pronunciation too.
May 30, 2015
I am trying to learn spoken Japanese at a beginner level and for me it is useful 1) to listen to children movies on youtube and 2) homu dorama on smartphone with an A/B player. If you want to do the same for 1) search for "cartoni animati bambini" on youtube for 2) on iphone search for "speater", on android for A/B repeat. Speater is much better
May 30, 2015
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