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what does "I know superior amusement when I’m standing in it"mean? “Never too late to learn. You might even like it.” “I don’t think that’s going to happen. But I ought to be able to follow a recipe for morons.” “I have every faith.” He mimicked her slicing procedure, and felt marginally more hopeful when he didn’t cut off a finger. “I know superior amusement when I’m standing in it.” “But it’s superior and affectionate amusement. Affectionate enough I’ll teach you a trick.” “What trick?” “A quick and easy marinade for that chicken.” Fear and loathing of the very idea echoed in his voice. “It doesn’t say anything about marinade.”
2015년 5월 30일 오전 4:51
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Hi. "I know superior amusement when I'm standing in it" means something like: "I know that this is good quality fun" superior amusement means - it is better than other amusement, and the person saying it knows this. It is not a statement that translates into words. It is more about the idea.
2015년 5월 30일
By superior amusement, he is saying that he feels he is superior in preparing food, and being superior, thinks it's amusing watching her try to marinade chicken.
2015년 5월 30일
Hello 海宝2010, I have to admit that as a native English speaker I have no idea what that sentence means.
2015년 5월 30일
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