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what does "push the envelope"mean? “It could’ve been worse. They could’ve trashed the place. They were thorough, but I’ve seen searches before, and they didn’t just dump things.” “Fine, points for them, but it’s still unfair. It’s still wrong.” “Unfair and wrong happen every hour, every day.” “That’s a sad and cynical viewpoint.” “Realistic,” he corrected. “The hell with that.” Her temper spiked, making her realize it had been in there bubbling all along. “That’s just an excuse to do nothing about it.” “Do you have any suggestions on what to do about a duly authorized warrant?” “Having to accept it isn’t the same as accepting it’s just the way life goes. I’m not a lawyer, but I was raised by one, and it’s pretty damn clear they had to push the envelope and push it hard to get a search warrant. And it’s just as clear that Boston cop did the pushing.”does it mean "challenge the limit?"
May 30, 2015 6:34 AM
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push the envelope to push the boundaries of what is possible
May 30, 2015
Challenge the limit is a good way to think about it. Or, do what no one else has done before; try something new; use unusual tactics; think outside the box.
May 30, 2015
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