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turn this sentence into korean 1. "do you know when that new worker will come?" 2. "he said,he's hungry" 3. "do you know the best restaurant around here?" 4. "whoaa it's still 5 days left,huh,, can't wait" 5. "shut up! i'm eating right now" 6 "don't disturb me" thats it. i know it so simple even toddler in korean is probably know sentence like this. many thanks before!
May 30, 2015 11:23 AM
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1. 새 일꾼이 언제 올까? 2. 걔가 배고프다 그랬어 3. 근처에 어디가 제일 맛있냐? 4. 이힐힐 5일 남았네, 기다릴 수가 없군 5. 닥쳐! 난 지금 밥을 먹는다. 6. 방해하지마 will do..
May 30, 2015
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