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When to use de and en for materials in French? Any rules? Is there any rule to tell when to use de and when to use en for expressing materials?
May 31, 2015 4:38 AM
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Bonjour, Yes there is some rules about it... Pronoun "en" An indefinite or a partitive article plus a noun can be replaced by the pronoun "en". "En" often means some or any in this context. eg : Tu veux de la salade ? do you want any lettuce ? Non, je n'en veux pas, merci. No, I don't want any, thank you. The pronoun "en" may replace nouns used with expressions of quantity or numbers. In such cases, "en" may have no direct English equivalent. eg : Tu as beaucoup de travail ? do you have a lot of work ? J'en ai trop (en = de travail) I have too much. Nicolas a des frères ? Does Nicolas have any brothers ? Oui, il en a trois. (en = des frères) Yes, he has three (brothers) En may replace the construction de (preposition) + noun or infinitive, but only when the noun is inanimate. eg : Marie est-elle revenue de France ? Has Marie come back from France ? Elle en revient demain. She's coming back (from there) tomorrow. This is a first explanation...
May 31, 2015
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