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what doe "that always works for my mother"mean? He shifted gears. “Do you understand how much I’ll worry?” Abra tipped her chin down, and those narrowed eyes went steely. “That always works for my mother,” he pleaded. “You’re not my mother,” she reminded him. “Plus you don’t have mother-power. You’re stuck with me, Eli. If you cut me loose, it has to be because you don’t want me, or you want someone else, or something else. If I walk away, it has to be for the same reasons.” Feelings on the table, he thought. “Lindsay didn’t matter anymore, but every day I regret I couldn’t do anything to stop what happened to her.”2. does "tipped her chin down"'=lowered her chin? 3. what does "go steely"mean? 4.does "pleaded"=begging?
May 31, 2015 9:38 AM
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2. yes, you're right 3. her eyes went cold. Her eyes look cold and angry/dangerous 4. yes, you're right 1. He said that he worries about the girl. He says this because that's what his mother always says. The girl didn't have a good reaction (her eyes went steely), suggesting she's angry at him for saying that he worries. 'that always works for my mother' means that he wanted to say the right thing, but the girl had the opposite reaction that he expected. He expected her to feel guilty, the way he probably feels when his mother worries about him.
May 31, 2015
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