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what does the “arakzid and crawlzacs” mean? What, no raw arakzid legs? No lime moon cheese? MAX: Isn't lime moon cheese green? ME: Uh, yeah. MAX: No green foods, remember? Dark Matter Doggie one dog wrapped in fudge fur, served on a bonbon bun,topped with cocoa crawlzacs.
31 mag 2015 12:10
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They're invented words - this is an interview with a sci-fi writer, remember! :) English natives wouldn't know these words out of context, but we'd get an idea from what we recognise: "arakzid" sounds a lot like "arachnid" (so, something like a spider? Just a guess) and we'd recognise "crawl" in "crawlzacs". So, at the very least, we get an impression or feeling from these made-up words.
31 maggio 2015
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