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Why English speakers say "you know"? English speakers often use "you know". Why did they come to say this? And in what kind of situation do they use this?
2015년 5월 31일 오후 3:35
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I'm guessing you mean the ones used when people want to convey something. I don't really know how it came to, or when it came from, but I think "you know" was shortened from the sentence, "do you know!?", and it was used to strengthen the meaning on what people say, that's why I add that exclamation mark. If you're a Japanese, it's like saying: "desu yo"
2015년 5월 31일
It's a habit that people develop. I've seen it where people start each sentence with "you know". It makes no difference to the sentence being spoken, and is never used when writing. I've also seen similar usage of " obviously " or "basically".
2015년 5월 31일
Well, I'm not sure, but I guess it serves as a spoken/ informal word for resumption (I don't know other word to describe the statement, any corrections are welcome!). For example: I can't go out with you this Monday Chika, you know, I have to study :'( Hope I made it clear! All the best,
2015년 5월 31일
usually whether its in the beginning or the end of the sentence you are asking or telling the person to understand your feeling and that they have probably shared the same feeling (A) i hate it when people park over the lines, you know? (B) yeah totally (A) you know, its like hes my friend but I dont want to pay for him (B) Yeah I understand completely I think its most comparable to ね in japanese. It invites a short response of agreement
2015년 8월 29일
2015년 6월 1일
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