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What the difference between this two Alif ......أ and ا.... Does it changed the entire meaning if i wrongly used it ?? example أذلك and اذلك is both have same meaning ?? Regards
May 31, 2015 3:41 PM
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It differs according to the word, But generally it doesn't affect the meaning and any one read a word he will understand what you mean easily, Just try to stick to the grammers as long as you can
May 31, 2015
as I know In the meaning the same and what you are asking about called hamaz wasel ا and hamaza qat3 أ and to know different put letter wow و before word and check if you pronoun hamaza so it is qat3 أ if not wasel ا am not expert in this field so telling you what I know
May 31, 2015
هي لا يتغير المعنى
June 4, 2015
أ _هذه تسمى همزة القطع ا _ وهذه تسمى همزة الوصل همزة القطع تكتب في بعض الكلمات مثلا إبتسامه ، إنسان ، وهمزة الوصل تكتب في بعض الكلمات مثلا : القمر ، الشمس ، استغفار ،
June 1, 2015
An easy example to understand the diffrence .. بَعدَ أذُنِكَ after your ear بَعْدَ إذْنِكَ after your permission but if you have this situation بعد اذنك you can't even a native can't distinguish if it's ear or permission only if it's clear in the context .. but if you find it like بعد أذنك it's 99% refering to ear this is why it's wrong to write it like اذنك So the Summary and the result , yep , there is a diffrence between أذنك and اذنك but don't complain a lot about it , it will not create a big problem after all :)
May 31, 2015
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