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Lina Budiarti
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Please, correct my sentences bellow. :) 1. Valentine’s day, February 14, is a special holiday for sweethearts. 2. At long last, the chief executive officer, has decided to step down. 3. Tonight’s dupper, leftovers from last night, did not taste any better tonight than last night. 4. The only entrance to the closet, the door was kept locked at all times. 5. In the cold of winter, a wall heating unit, would not turn on. 6. The new tile pattern, yellow flowers on a while background, really brightens up the room. 7. The high-powered computer the most powerful machine of its type, was finally readied for use. 8. A longtime friend and confidant, the psychologist was often invited over for Sunday dinner.
31 mei 2015 20:21
Answers · 6
4. Put a comma after "the door" - You can also rephrase it to say "The only entrance to the closet is kept locked at all times." 8. Confidant can be used here. It basically means "a person with whom one shares private matters." I think Frazer touched on pretty much everything. Good job.
31 mei 2015
1. Perfect. 2. Perfect. 3. I think you mistyped on the keyboard "dupper" for "supper" :P It is perfect apart from this. 4. "As it was the only entrance to the closet...." 5. You cannot use an embedded clause here, due to the two outer sentences not making sense on their own. This is a good way of checking if you have used an embedded clause correctly. "In the cold of winter would not turn on" --- Does not make sense. "Valentine's day is a special holiday for sweethearts." --- Does make sense. It is hard to correct. I would say "We used our wall heating unit, which would not turn on, in the cold of winter". 6. White*, perfect grammar. 7. You missed the comma between "computer" and "the". 8. I am not sure what is meant by "Confidant". I would write "A longtime friend, the psychologist, was often invited over for Sunday dinner. Well done on your use of clauses. You're doing a good job.
31 mei 2015
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