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Word order when giving location When stating the location of something, do you state the location first or the subject? To clarify what I mean, here is an example: 교실에 학생이 있어요 ~ The location (classroom) comes before the subject (student) or 학생이 교실에 있어요. ~ The subject (student) comes before the location (classroom). Which is the correct order? Thank you in advance.
2015年6月1日 00:09
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교실에 is an adverbial phrase Both 교실에 학생이 있어요 and 학생이 교실에 있어요 are correct. But, because the natural order is SUBJECT + OBJECT + ADVERB + VERB, 학생이 교실에 있어요 is more natural. 교실에 학생이 있어요 can be used to emphasize the location
Both sound natural.
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