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Mauricio Arango
Egyptian arabic Does any one knows any good resource for learning egyptian arabic?? thanks!!!
1. Juni 2015 02:01
Answers · 2
You can use Youtube as a good source to pick some of common phrases and easy words. Check this link out: You might need someone to help you to correct your pronunciation and elaborate things to you. My advice to you is to learn Listening and Speaking first after that you can go to how to write and how to read. The alphabet is a little bit hard so I suggest you just learn an alphabet a day besides watching Youtube and practice Speaking " I said that if you don't know the Arabic alphabet " Write to read, Listen to speak. " remember that :) " Good luck.
3. Juni 2015
Yes .. there are book called "Kallimni Arabi Bishweesh" means " talk with me on Arabic slowly" .. but you need a teacher to teach it to you because it is all in arabic ..
1. Juni 2015
Mauricio Arango
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