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Which phrase is the right one? A friend of mine whose English is excellent tells me that "never give it up" is incorrect expression, the right one must be "never give up" in English . No need to add it between give and up. But I sometime use "never give it up to express the thing what've been doing shouldn't be gaven up. So I'd like to know what expression is proper?
Jun 1, 2015 4:48 AM
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Hmmm if you're speaking in general, "never give up" is correct — it's the sort of phrase you see on a motivational poster, something you might say in a general sense to inspire or encourage. For example, "you are so strong, never give up." Thinking back on it, this is something I see a lot on say like, fitness blogs, or study blogs, but I don't really use it in real life ever. I would say "never give IT up" if I was referencing something specific that a specific person was doing. For example, I might tell a friend (or more likely, someone like my mom might tell me), "you're so good at piano—never give it up!" (it=piano) or "you're so talented at learning other languages—never give it up!" (it=learning other languages). I think you already have the gist of it—"never give up" is general and "never give IT up" is only used if you're talking about a very specific thing that an individual is doing. Hope this helped!
June 1, 2015
"Never give up!" Is the proper phrase when you don't want to surrender, or quit. But you could say, when possibly talking about a particular item, that you will "never give it up". For example: "This is my favorite hat. I will never give it up!" Hope my comment makes sense...
June 1, 2015
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