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Sleepy Pillow
How do I describe the mathematical signs like "≥" or "≤"? I have seen people describe "≤" in an article like "XXX is less than or equal to...", but can I use these kind of mathematical signs directly in an paper, like "XXX is ≤" instead of that very long sentence?? I hope I've made myself clear. Please give me some tips~ Thank you in advcance!!
1 juin 2015 19:57
Answers · 6
You can, as long as your audience understands (highschool?) math.
1 juin 2015
Yes, you can use them directly.
1 juin 2015
1. X is greater than or equal to Y. And... 2. X is less than or equal to Y.
1 juin 2015
Sleepy Pillow
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