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what does "with a monk’s ring of wispy white hair" mean? what does "monk's ring"mean? At the bar Abra waited for her drink orders and chatted with her favorite village character. Short, stocky, with a monk’s ring of wispy white hair, Stoney Tribbet worked on his second beer and a bump of the night. Stoney rarely missed a Friday night at the pub. He claimed he liked the music, and the pretty girls. He’d be eighty-two that summer, and he’d spent every year of it— except for a stint in the army in Korea—in Whiskey Beach.2. does "work on his second beer"= drinking his second beer of the night? 3.then, what does "and a bump of the night."mean?
Jun 2, 2015 1:11 AM
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A 'monks ring' probably refers to a ring of hair around his head - in this case it is probabl just because of baldness on top, but the name comes from the fact that historically monks deliberately shaved their heads like that - in a haircut called a tonsure. 2: yes. 3: I don't know!
June 2, 2015
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