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What is the difference between 'na' and 'dla' in polish? I'm so confused as to how to use both since na means for and so does dla. Also, na has more meanings than just for!?
Jun 2, 2015 1:14 AM
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The Polish preposition "dla" we use when the expression used after it determines the purpose, goal, direction of action taken by his author. e.g: I do exercises to be fit and to have good appearance. Ćwiczę "dla" zdrowia i dobrego wyglądu. We also use "dla" when the expression used after it determines the person to whom our judgement or intention applies e.g. The film is for young people. Film jest "dla" młodych ludzi. I bought this flowers for you. Kupiłem te kwiaty "dla" Ciebie. "NA" 1. The preposition "na" describes the place when the action has place e.g. After lunch my cat likes to bask in the sun. Po obiedzie mój kot lubi wygrzewać się "na" słońcu. 2. ....describes the place in which direction we are going to e.g. I am going to the station to buy tickets. Idę "na" dworzec po bilety. 3. ....describes the point in time e.g. The project will be ready for Friday. Projekt będzie gotowy "na" piątek. 4. ....describes the range, grade, measure Every time when the checkout assistant counts the bills slowly the customers form the queue on several metres. Za każdym razem gdy kasjer liczy powoli klienci tworzą kolejkę "na" kilka metrów. 5. ....describes the goal He waved her goodbye. Pomachał jej "na" pożegnanie If you are so nice to correct my mistakes in the above text in return I would be very glad. If you or anyone here are so kind to correct my mistakes in English language in the above text I would be very glad.
June 2, 2015
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