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what does "good at being between"mean? “Eli, he’d slip out, get one of the servants to bring down food and French champagne. I’m pretty sure his parents knew about it. We’d have our own party on the beach, and Eli, he’d go back and forth between. He was good at that, if you take my meaning. Good at being between. Rich and fancy, and everyday. First time I saw Hester, he brought her down from a party. She was in a long white dress. Had a laugh in her, always did. One look at her, and I knew Mary was mine. Eli couldn’t take his eyes off Hester Hawkin.”2. what does "rich and fancy and everyday"mean? does "everyday"="ordinary life?"
Jun 2, 2015 4:36 AM
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It's saying he's good at believably living in both worlds. Good at living in his rich world without becoming heartless, that way he can still relate to "normal" people who dont share his demographic. "Rich and fancy and everyday" is putting two very different terms (rich and fancy)(every day) close together to emphasize the contrast between the two, showing how amazing it is that this character somehow straddles them well.
June 2, 2015
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