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行かないといけない... I don't quite understand this phrase: 「行かないといけない」please explain. . お願いしますI'm understanding it as 『cannot cannot go」。So two negative makes positive so means "can go" or "must go". I'm little confused....
Jun 2, 2015 9:20 AM
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「行かないといけない」 => 行く なけれ ば いけない(must) 行くと 決めなければ いけない。 You must make your mind to go. ( seems weird to me, could you correct this for me?) 行かないと いけない。 帰らないと いけない。 買わないと いけない。 勉強しないと いけない。 結婚しないと いけない。 全部 must to do です。
June 2, 2015
As Miho-san answered, it means "must go" and we have several ways of saying "must + verb" depending on the person. For example, "must go" (formal form) 行かなければいけません いかなければなりません 行かなくてはいけません 行かなくてはなりません There are some more but you don't have to memorize all. I wrote them to be able to understand when you hear one of them. Please get accustomed to it little by little. I hope this doesn't confuse you.
June 2, 2015
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