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Do I understand this correctly? "Seventeen years later when he showed up with a U-Haul rigged to his pick up outside my apartment in Nebraska, I hung my head and [1] couldn't bear to look at him, knowing all the pep talks and lectures he'd given me in that truck. Seeing him standing there, I was sure I had let him down. There I stood, almost nine months' pregnant and [2]the father of my child long gone. [3]I had called my dad twenty-four hours earlier to tell him I had given up. I couldn't do it all alone-raising a kid, living thousands of miles away from home." --[1] What does "couldn't bear to look at him" mean? --[2] Why is there no verb to the subject "the father of my child"? Without a verb, I think the sentence should be "there I stood, almost ... with the father of my child long gone." --[3] My understanding is that this woman was about to give a birth in twenty-four hours and she'd decided to give up on the baby for being adopted or something. And she was going to tell his father. Do I understand correctly?
Jun 2, 2015 1:16 PM
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1. Cannot bear the shame. In this context it sounds like the person is ashamed or dreads that they are going to get a stern talking to. So it will be difficult to make eye contact or she can't bear to look at him. It sounds like this man used to lecture her in the truck - I presume about not getting pregnant. 2. You are right. But the text is written in a speech style to make it flow. I don't think the author intended it to be 100% gramatically correct. 3. No. She is almost 9 months pregnant, so shouldn't be giving birth (maybe) for a couple more weeks. She phoned her dad 24 hours ago, and I assume it is the dad who has arrived in the truck. We don't know that 'given up' means adoption. I read it that shes given up trying to go through the birth alone.
June 2, 2015
June 2, 2015
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