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what should absolute beginners do in learning japanese? I'm interested in learning japanese and i also have no idea where to start. Should i learn to WRITE in japanese first or learn to TALK japanese first. Please give me recommendation..
Jun 2, 2015 3:09 PM
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I see.. much thanks!
June 2, 2015
I've found, that in my years as a student of Japanese, speaking is the most difficult skill to develop. Speaking is different from listening or reading because it requires that you output something, instead of simple input. My reccommendation to you, as a beginning student, is to let all three skills develop alongside each other. To start off, learn to read and write simple hiragana, and maybe check out some kanji learning methods like James Heisig's Remembering the Kanji, and from there learn to recognize and understand grammar structures, perhaps using a textbook series like Genki I and II, or Tae Kim's Guide to Grammar. I wish you luck in your Japanese adventures!
June 2, 2015
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