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How can i start learning?
2015年6月3日 16:31
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If you are just starting to learn English, it is very important to understand the 8 Parts of Speech. Look at this website:... Click on each of the parts of speech such as: verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.. The Parts of Speech are the most basic, simple, important things to know. You can also search the internet for websites that explain the Parts of Speech. Search the internet using "English parts of speech". Try to find a book called "Checking Your Grammar". The book is very simple and easy. The book will help you a lot.
You have already made a start Hanami, by asking this question. If you click 'Community > Language Partners' and search for people who want to learn Vietnamese and speak fluent English you will find some. You can message them and ask them for language exchange. Skype. Try to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking too. If you like you can also pay for lessons with a qualified teacher.
Start reading books, practice writing, watch movies/TV, read articles etc etc millions of way to start. and most importantly help others that is when you will learn a lot more.
Reading English books is a good way to see English grammar. But, the books should be simple and interesting.
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