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Paola Hz
What is more important for you soul or beauty?
Jun 3, 2015 6:26 PM
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The beauty is okay as first impression, but after you need more than beauty physical to get your attention. The personality or the attitude as A_K said are right for me.
June 3, 2015
When you wanna choose a big friend, a aprtner for your entire life, that you wanna get old on his side. Sure soul is the most important. But this is a long way, beauty is really important untill there and off corse anyone will be on the side of just beauty for so long time. Just beauty is just adventure. Am I right?
June 3, 2015
This is very relative; largely depends on the situation.
June 6, 2015
I the end I think you will need more than beauty.
June 3, 2015
in this world the beauty is the first thing that a lot of person looks and tries. But the beauty can be ended whereas the soul is forever. isn't it?
June 3, 2015
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