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总是 and 永远 what is the difference between 总是 and 永远 , someone explains it to me? ^_^
Jun 3, 2015 9:07 PM
Answers · 6
"总是" means always and "永远" means forever. They can be both used as adverbs of degree, for example: "他总是忘记随手关灯" - "He always forgets to turn off the lights conveniently. "有些人可能永远保持单身" - "Some people may stay single forever. "永远" has a higher degree than "总是". And, "永远" can be also used as a noun: "我希望能陪伴你直到永远" - "I wish to keep your company till forever."
June 4, 2015
总是:para siempre- 永远:de aquí en adelante-- hasta siempre
January 31, 2016
thank you
June 5, 2015
always and forever
June 4, 2015
總是 Is Always, in the sense of "oh, he always does that" "you're always late" 永遠 is forever, always in the sense"I will always love her" "we'll always be this way"
June 3, 2015
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