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Are these "I don't know" sentences with "rud a chur ar" correct? Níl a fhios agam... I don't know... 1. ar chuir sí uirthi a cóta. whether she put her coat on. 2. cá huair a chuir sí uirthi a cóta. when she put her coat on. 3. cá háit ar chuir sí uirthi a cóta. where she put her coat on. 4. cén fáth ar chuir sí uirthi a cóta. why she put her coat on. 5. conas a chuir sí a cóta. how she put her coat on. 6. céard a chuir sí uirthi. what she put on. 7. cé hé a chuir air a cóta. who put her coat on. * Should I say cé hí ... uirthi instead if I am assuming that a female put her coat on and not some guy to be funny? Also, how do you correctly say "to put something on" or "to put something on onself"? My best attempt was " rud a chur ar".
Jun 4, 2015 12:20 AM
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2. You can use either the direct or indirect relative with "cá huair". 7. Yes, if you're assuming it's a female you would use "cé hí" (and "cé hiad" if it's more than one person), remember to change "air" to "uirthi" too. There's no real consensus on the correct citation form these days. You could say "cuir ar", "rud a chur ar", "cuir ort", "rud a chur ort". It used to be that the 1st person singular was always used as the citation form of verbs, so in older dictionaries you'll see "cuirim (rud) orm" for "to put (something) on".
June 4, 2015
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