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What is the equivalent of "I don't mind..." in French? (How to express indifference?) Hi! What is the equivalent expression in French to express indifference? An expression which is roughly equal to the English "I don't mind". I know "ça m'est égal" but this seems a little petulant/childish to me..I'd like to know the polite/diplomatic answer. For example, if you wanted to respond to: "veux-tu aller à la plage ou au ciné aujourd'hui?" with something like: "I don't mind! Either is fine with me" What would one say? Thanks!
Jun 4, 2015 10:49 AM
Answers · 3
In that case, perhaps a 'Comme tu veux' might be the politest equivalent, if you want to avoid the 'shrugging' nature of "ça m'est égal".
June 4, 2015
We usually say "C'est comme tu veux" = its up to you
June 4, 2015
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