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Overall gap of 46 Hello,everyone !!! Here's a stupid qeustion that I am being confused about what exactly the"overall gap of 46 percentaged points" refers to in the last setence of the following paragraphs : Consider the teenagers who scored among the top 25 percent of students on the math test. In this group, the students from the top socioeconomic quartile had very high bachelor’s degree completion rates: 74 percent of the most advantaged students with top math scores earned a four-year college degree by the time they were in their late 20s. But only 41 percent of the poorest students with the top math scores did so. That’s a completion gap of 33 percentage points, not much smaller than the overall gap of 46 percentage points. Thanks a lot in advance !!!
Jun 4, 2015 12:25 PM
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top math scores = top 25% 74% = bachelor's completion by advantaged students with top math scores 41% = bachelor's completion by poor students with top math scores 74% - 41% = 33% completion gap from students with top math scores % - % = 46% overall gap... so I think this might be difference in bachelor's completion between advantaged and poor students, independent of math scores. So social economic status is more important than top math scores for bachelor's degree completion by late 20's
June 4, 2015
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