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I'm learning Chinese now ,Can you suggest interesting soaps or programs in Chinese ? I wish it would be undestandable for my level ( just 7 months of studying)
Jun 4, 2015 6:32 PM
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According to my experience, whether movies, soaps or TV shows can help depends largely on the language ability of learners. It is highly beneficial to those intermediate level learners or someone with better language abilities. When I was at the early stage of English learning, movies didn't really help me a lot since I was mainly looking at the Chinese subtitles. Therefore you have to pay attention when you use soaps or other things like this to learn languages. ^^ Shows you can try: 《少年师爷》(easy) 《使徒行者》(moderate) 《法证先锋》(moderate) 《锋刃》(moderate) 《甄嬛传》(difficult) All the above are attractive in plots. If you are interesting in romance plays, you can try these. 《同桌的你》 《太平轮》 《分手大师》 (Hope these will help. ^^)
June 5, 2015 Produced by our national TV station, Travel in Chinese is one of the most interseting and useful language learning programmes suitable for beginner, intermediate learners and advanced learners. Whether your interest is the language, the food or the culture of China in general, whether you wish to travel, live or study in China, "Travel in Chinese" has something for you. This series has a total of 100 lessons. It was aired on CCTV, China´s national TV station. Host: Mark Rowswell, also known as "大山" (Da Shan). Hope this will be helpful. : )
June 5, 2015
家有儿女(电视剧) 爱情公寓(电视剧) 辣妈正传(电视剧) 何以笙箫默(电影、电视剧) 北京爱情故事(电影、电视剧)
June 5, 2015 Online free TV drama serial: A Happy Chinese Family (CCTV Happy Chinese 2009) Full of Chinese-style Humor Chinese-English Subtitles for every line Rich Languages points demonstrations
June 5, 2015
June 5, 2015
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