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what does "and gravity"mean? She laughed, curled her arm through his. “I should’ve warned you Stoney has an impressive capacity for alcohol. He likes to say he was reared on the whiskey of Whiskey Beach.” “We were switching off. He bought the first round, so I bought the second. Then he bought a third, and I felt obligated. I don’t quite remember how many times I felt obligated. There’s an awful lot of fresh air out here.” “There is.” She tightened her hold when he weaved a bit. “And gravity, too. This place is lousy with air and gravity. We should get inside. My place is closer.” “Yeah, we could . . . except I don’t like leaving the house empty. It feels wrong.”
Jun 5, 2015 1:46 AM
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It's not that clear to me. I think that maybe it means that being a bit drunk, they were getting unstable, and 'wobbly' - so needed to sit or lie down. Gravity therefore seemed to be pushing down more than usual!
June 5, 2015
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