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What Does 'my wife has the car today' Mean Here? Detective1: I'm sorry to interrupt you while you're working. We'd like to ask a few questions. For your sake, I think it's best if we do it down at the station. Would you like to follow us there? Suspect: No. I'm afraid that's quite out of the question. I can't just leave, I have work to do. Plus, my wife has the car today. Detective2: That's okay. You can ride with us. This dialogue is from a movie. Does "My wife has the car today" make sense to you? Does it sound natural? Because it doesn't to me. What do you make of it?I feel I had been a fool. I don't know why I did have problem in understanding such a simple sentence. Thank you for your answers.
Jun 5, 2015 4:01 AM
Answers · 2
Yes, very natural! It means that the suspect shares his car with his wife and today she's using it / it's her turn to use it :)
June 5, 2015
It sounds perfectly fine to me. He's being blunt and straight to the point. He can't go to the station! His wife has the car... :)
June 5, 2015
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