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what does "Allowances could be made"mean? He stopped a moment, smiled at her. “I’m a little drunk. You look amazing.” “I look amazing because you’re a little drunk?” “No. Some of it’s just knowing who you are and being good with it, doing what you do, and, well, being happy doing it. And some of it’s those sea-witch eyes and that sexy mouth with that little mole right there. Lindsay was beautiful. She took your breath away.” A little drunk, Abra reminded herself. Allowances could be made. “I know.” “But she, I think, she didn’t really know who she was, and wasn’t good with it. She wasn’t happy. I didn’t make her happy.” “Everyone has to make themselves happy first.” “Now you remember.”
Jun 5, 2015 6:28 AM
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He just told Abra that another woman was beautiful -- and from the context I assume Lindsay is his ex. No woman wants to hear hear boyfriend/lover/significant other say that his ex-whatever is beautiful, but since he's been drinking, she's willing to overlook it. (That's the "allowance" she is making.) I think he makes up for it in his next statement. He's really saying that Abra is more beautiful and desirable because she has a quality (being happy with herself) that Lindsay did not have. And by admitting he didn't make Lindsay happy, he's pushing her further into the past. What book is this?
June 5, 2015
It's used like "tolerances can be made" In other words, Abra can tolerate the flirtations because she was a little drunk and so was the other person.
June 5, 2015
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