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Reading trouble ! Need help. SOS Hello , Here I have a trouble reading about the paragraph below with the section"medium and message in one human head' When he was young, the French artist Philippe Parreno had a fantasy in which he would open his mouth and a beam of projector light would shoot out, casting his thoughts onto whatever was in front of him, medium and message in one human head. Does it means :Casting medium and message in one human head onto whatever in fron of him. ? I am being so confused and for a long time I have been thinking of that .
2015年6月5日 09:20
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The "medium" is the beam of light he is projecting (or "casting") onto a wall or something similar. The "message" is his thoughts.
I am not surprised that you do not understand. The sentence is very clear until it says, "medium and message in one human head." It is bad English.
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