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about a pronoun Lo prendi un gelato? I do not know why a 'Lo' is here. (it seems stupid maybe...) Thanks for help!
Jun 6, 2015 12:37 AM
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Answer to the comment: in /Lo prendi un gelato?/, or /Lo vuoi un gelato ?/ which is perfect Italian, and it is what we usually say, the direct object is just repeated,as /lo/ actually is a pronoun for /un gelato/. You could also say /Prendi un gelato?/ or /Vuoi un gelato?/ (correct and used!), but the more emphatic form with /LO/ is more frequent.
June 6, 2015
Examples: a1) Hai innaffiato le piante ? a2) Si`, l'ho fatto un'ora fa. (Io LO ho fatto: I did IT) b1) Hai preso lo zaino ? (zaino: backpack) b2a) Si`, l'ho preso. b2b) Si`, LO ho preso. (yes, I took IT) c1.a) Lo sanno tutti che la Sicilia e` un'isola c1.b) Tutti sanno il fatto che la Sicilia e` un'isola Here /lo/ has a generic meaning, like a placeholder, and its meaning is /the fact/ (i.e. a generic direct object). Hope this cleared some doubts!
June 6, 2015
ah,, I think you might be right , the "lo" here really seem to be stupid ..... It should be the correct INDIRECT PERSONAL OBJECT " mi ti ci vi gli le " other than the "lo" .
June 6, 2015
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