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what does “then detoured for a secondary stop。”mean? detoured the market? In the morning, Abra returned to Bluff House from her tai chi class via the market, then detoured for a secondary stop. She couldn’t guarantee Eli’s reaction to what she’d picked up, but she had a pretty good idea what it would be—initially. They’d work around it. Or, she admitted, she’d work around him. Not entirely fair, and she really hated to manipulate. But in this case, she firmly believed it was for the best.2.what does “she had a pretty good idea what it would be—initially. ”mean? 3.what does"They’d work around it"mean? 4.what does “Or, she admitted, she’d work around him”mean?
Jun 6, 2015 2:49 AM
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In addition to the market she made another stop on her way home, one she did not normally make. To work around someone implies that the person is an obstacle to what you want to do, so you might have to cajole or persuade them to cooperate, or perhaps even deceive them to accomplish what you want. She would work around his reaction, perhaps by persuading him over to her point of view, and if that failed, she'd work around him, maybe by tricking him or manipulating him.
June 6, 2015
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