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어머니 vs 어머님 I was reading a study help and it said 어머니 means Mother (one's own, plain), but 어머님 means Mother (someone else's, honorific) or Mother-in-law (one's own, honorific). So m question is, when talking about your own mother, do you still use 어머님? Or should you say 어머니? And does 어머님 mean "mother-in-law" as well as "mother"?
Jun 6, 2015 2:53 AM
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Here are some more, you can call your own mother "어머님" only if your mother passed away, otherwise "어머니" is commonly used to respect your own other with "께서".:) "어머님" is a only way to address something's mother to show respect. \^o^/
June 6, 2015
occupations that ends with 님 represents more respect I don't think you need to say 어머님 to your mother Usually 어머니 is fine, but some people use 어머님 to refer to their own mother (showing respect) As you said 어머님 also means mother-in-law
June 6, 2015
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