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How to read the date in English? e.g. On the morning of 1st May.
2015년 6월 6일 오전 6:20
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You would say "On the morning of the first of May".But each date will be different, for example, "6th" we say "sixth", "31st" would be "thirty-first".
2015년 6월 6일
American English puts the month before the day, so US English speakers would probably say 'on the morning of May first'. British English tends to put the day before the month, so GB English speakers would say 'on the morning of the first of May'. Note that GBE uses an article (the) and a preposition (of).
2015년 6월 6일
日期是先月份再哪一天,May 1st,就读 May (the)first, the 可读可不读
2015년 6월 6일
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