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Amenities, facilities, services Hi there, When you would use amenities, facilities and services? Their meaning is almost the same, isn't it? Thank you!!
Jun 6, 2015 8:58 AM
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Here are some examples to show the differences in context. "The house is in a good location, close to local amenities such as shops, transport links and the public library." "The building has many good facilities, such as open plan offices, a staff canteen, a lift (US: elevator) and a gym." "The company provides a range of IT services, including web design, software development and IT support".
June 6, 2015
Consider the case of a hotel, the "Getaway Inn and Resort." 1) There's a coin-operated laundry guests can use. That's an "amenity." It's something nice that not all hotels have. The excellent view of the mountains from the deluxe rooms is also an "amenity." 2) The coin-operated laundry is a "facility." So is the hot water, the heat, and the air conditioning. So are the conference rooms you can reserve for a meeting. They are all THINGS. They are all parts of the building that serve a specific function. 3) The hotel also provides a laundry "service." You put your clothes in the specially marked bag, leave it outside your door, and they take it to a commercial laundry, bring it back clean, charge you on your bill. A service is something that somebody DOES.
June 6, 2015
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