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What is the difference between "SAY", "TALK", SPEAK" and "TELL??
6 يونيو 2015 15:12
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SPEAK AND TALK There is not very much difference between speak and talk. In certain situations one or the other is preferred (though they are usually both possible). Talk is the more usual word to refer to conversational exchanges and informal communication. - When she walked into the room everybody stopped talking. - Could I talk to you about the football match for a few minutes? Speak is often used for one-way communication and for exchanges in more serious or formal situations. - I have to speak to my boss. - They had a terrible fight last week, and now they're not speaking to one another. - After she had finished reading the letter, nobody spoke. Talk is often used for the act of giving an informal lecture (a talk); speak is preferred for more formal lectures, sermons etc. Speak is the usual word to refer to knowledge and use of languages, and to the physical ability to speak. One usually asks to speak to somebody on the phone (US also speak with). - Hello. Could I speak to Karen, please? Talk is used before sense, nonsense and other words with similar meanings. - You're talking complete nonsense, as usual. (NOT You're speaking complete nonsense ... )
6 يونيو 2015
SAY “say” means to “speak”. One must speak if they want to say something. “say” doesn’t need an object, but “tell” needs an object. - He said I won a prize. - He said that he won a prize. - He told me he won a prize. - He said nothing. - He said goodbye. - He told (us) the truth. - The clock tells (us) the time. - You shouldn't tell lies. - He told his friends that he had a bad dream last night. TELL “tell” means to give information or facts to someone. - If I ask you to tell me your name, you must speak to me and you must say what your name is. We normally use an indirect object after 'tell' but not after 'say': - Anne told ME she's fed up. [NOT Anne told she's fed up.] - Anne said she's fed up. [NOT Anne said me she's fed up.] - Anne told us about her new boyfriend. - Paul told (us) a very funny story/joke. - You must tell (me) the truth. - You mustn't tell (people) lies. - The pupils have learnt to tell the time. Use "tell" when information is given. Don't forget that you always have to include someone to tell to. "I told him about the party tomorrow night." Use "say" when someone is simply speaking. A person can be alone, and still say things, without a listener.
6 يونيو 2015
all the same. different expression. say = you want to announce talk = you want to chat speak = you want to communicate tell = you want to give information
6 يونيو 2015
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