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Yaya S.
'이/가' 어떻게 사용해요? 왜 '이/가' 사용해요? 언제 '이/가' 사용해요? (영어로 대답할 수 있어요? 한국어 잘못 해서 죄송합니다;;)
Jun 6, 2015 10:09 PM
Answers · 4
Why? > A noun in Korean can be a subject, object or predicate, and if you want to makes the noun into a subject, the subject marker 이/가 has to be added after the noun. It's all up to you how you deal with the noun with markers. i.e. 사람(a person, noun) 사람이(subject) , 사람을(object), 사람이다(predicate, with the coupla verb 이다) When? > If the noun which you want to make into a subject has a last consonant(=받침), then "가" has to be added, otherwise "이" i.e. 꽃 > 꽃이 because 꽃 has the last consonant 'ㅊ' 나무 > 나무가, 무 doesn't have the last consonant, so "가" \^o^/
June 7, 2015
Yaya S.
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