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Kit Zakimi
Question on masculine and feminine words. I've never had to deal with feminine or masculine words before, so I'm very confused. Do I base the words off of me, or the person I'm speaking too? For instance: Nice to meet you - Enchanté (M) / Enchantée (F) Do I say enchantée because I'm a female even though my counterpart is male? Or would I say "enchanté" to him because he is male?
Jun 7, 2015 7:41 AM
Answers · 2
hi first of all I should tell you that learning masculine and feminine in French is not that tough, there are rules which make them easy to learn. about your question I should tell you that the speaker matters. For example being female all adjectives becomes feminine, no matter you talk to a male or female. I will now clarify it little. in this sentence: "Nice to meet you" , who is saying this? who is nice of meeting the other? yes, you. So because you are female you should say: Enchantée (F)
June 7, 2015
Kit Zakimi
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