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Anna 안나
weird question: korean otaku? this is a very strange question so sorry haha but the word 'otaku' that is used in japanese language and in english too, would it still be usable and understood in the korean language or do they use something else or nothing at all? would they just say 'nerd'? again sorry its so strange, thank you!
Jun 7, 2015 10:59 PM
Answers · 4
Well, many Korean will understand the Japanese word 'otaku' soon! It's one of popular Japanese word in Korea. But if you speak personally with Korean "otaku" guys, most of them would call themselves as '덕', pronounced as /dʌk/. It is a Korean-style abbreviation of 'otaku'. I hope it helps!
June 7, 2015
It is not common, but it is used and understood among young generation especially teenagers and 20s. It means the person who madly loves Japanese culture, especially animation mania with negative meaning. It can be called "오타쿠" or "오덕후" or "덕후" in Korean.
June 23, 2015
Anna 안나
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